Welcome to Nimble Robot. We make web and mobile applications that people love.

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The Nimble Robot team is proudly based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about what we do, the products we offer, or the meaning of life.

Our Products

Here are some of the apps we've built that we're ready to tell you about.


CrowdPicker is a platform for Rapid Market Research. It allows any person or business to get fast feedback (within minutes) on design concepts or any decision they might be making by asking a real world audience. Unlike traditional market research platforms which cost thousands of dollars and take weeks or months to complete CrowdPicker allows users to get hundreds of responses today for less than $100.


Every day a new recipe. Every day a new cooking adventure. Discover and create delicious meals with daily updates and simple instructions. Hone your culinary skills with fun, easy recipes. You’ll find a new recipe each day, complete with a picture and description of the meal, recommended serving sizes and all of the instructions you need to make your next culinary masterpiece a success. Check it out at http://makethisone.com or on the appstore here


Organize your life. Unlock the power of the list. Create, edit and manage checklists with the tap of a finger. Stay organized and increase productivity by creating powerful to-do lists. ListJuice is designed to help you manage the tiny details of your life, one item at a time. With ListJuice, you can build simple but detailed checklists and use those lists to accomplish each of your daily or weekly tasks. You can also build lists within lists, giving you a depth of control not seen in traditional list-making software. Check it out on the appstore here

Indie Rock Playlist

A must have app for indie rock music lovers! Stream a curated list of indie rock songs to your iphone or ipad with a simple intuitive interface. Choose a year and a month and Indie Rock Playlist will stream a list of upto 120 different great Indie songs to your device from that time period. It really is that easy. Check it out on the appstore here

Peekaboo Dinosaur

Beautiful, original artwork with vibrant colors and memorable characters. Peekaboo Dinosaur is a colorful, animated and interactive storybook written for children and their parents. Read the story and touch the pictures to find hidden dinosaurs! Simply open the app, touch the Start button, and you and your child will be whisked away into a land where dinosaurs roam, play, and hide. You’ll meet a cute Tyrannosaurus Rex, a shy Triceratops and plenty of other familiar dinosaurs as you adventure through this vibrant animated world. All you have to do is touch the screen to trigger fun animations and hidden secrets. Check it out on the appstore here


Songspin.FM is free, legal streaming radio curated from the best music sites on the web. We aggregate music chart information from top sites like iTunes, Billboard, Hype Machine, Pitchfork and last.fm and pull it together in one place. We use this information to create custom radio stations across multiple musical genres. It's "all killer, no filler". Every song has been identified by tastemakers as something worth hearing. Because our stations are updated each day with the best music on the web, you'll hear something new each time you tune in. And you'll love it. Go to http://songspin.fm and choose a station to start listening now!